Corps Seamless Super Flexible femme asiatique


Corps Seamless Super Flexible femme asiatique

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Numéro produit : 15860

Référence : PLLB2014-S08

Type : Figurines complètes

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PLLB2014-S07, PLLB2014-S08 and PLLB2014-S09 are the third generation of Female Seamless bodies with Stainless Steel Skeletons which are developed on the basis of the second generation. Compared to its predecessors, the curve of the third generation bodies shows more feminine beauty. The texture of this series of bodies is more human-like. And they are super flexible, and more defined in some part.
Having the stainless steel skeletons inside, which linked by 26 joints, the bodies are super durable and flexible! Each joint is designed to be able to move like a real human being and above 90% of human actions can be posed with ease!
Please note that these PHICEN bodies are not sex toys. They are 1:6th action figures that highly simulate real human beings and produced by using superior materials and sophisticated technology. Thus whether you are a fan of character design, cos-play, modeling, photography, painting, anatomy, or simply enjoy figure collecting - you will be satisfied with our PHICEN bodies. They are truly high-end art!
More awesome bodies with different shapes on the way, please stay tuned.
- Seamless body in big bust size          
- Head sculpt                           
- Replaceable hands x6
- Bikini                                 
- Stand                                 
Didier Grise... le 24/10/2015 Acheteur vérifié
Superbe figurine feminine

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